System.Posix.* not haddocked

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Tue Nov 8 04:48:08 EST 2005

On 08 November 2005 08:17, Isaac Jones wrote:

> Björn Bringert <bringert at> writes:
>> Is there some special reason why the System.Posix.* modules are not
>> haddocked? There seems to be documentation available in the hslibs
>> docs [1]. Is it just that noone has bothered to do the copy-and-paste
>> yet? If this is the case, I might try to find time to do some of it
>> myself.
> I did the haddock-ization, but then couldn't get the whole fptools
> tree to build for a while and gave up; maybe I should have just
> checked it in and let someone with a working tree fix it.  Here's the
> link to the archives.  Might be a good starting point:

Do you have more patches or just that one?  I'll be happy to test/fix/checkin anything you have.

You can 'make html' without having to build GHC.  You do need a full GHC build tree, configured, and probably 'make boot' in libraries.  Then you can do this:

  $ make html HC=ghc

in any libraries/<dir>.


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