GHC Win32 ffi functions as implemented for Pugs

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Mon May 23 06:57:27 EDT 2005

On 22 May 2005 23:32, Max Maischein (Corion) wrote:

> The file is (live version) :
> The implemented wrappers that are functional and not just stubs are
> (as of r3680) :
> For System.Environment:
> setEnv :: String -> String -> Bool -> IO ()
> getEnv :: String -> IO (Maybe String)
> unsetEnv :: String -> IO ()

System.Environment.getEnv should work on Win32.  For the others, it
would possibly make sense to include these in System.Environment, with
implementations for both Unix & Win32.

> For Posix.Process
> getProcessTimes :: IO ProcessTimes
> getProcessID :: IO Int

Should probably be in System.Win32 somewhere.

> The code itself is dual-licensed under the Artistic License and GPL
> and thus should be compatible with whatever license GHC uses.

Unfortunately we can't take code under that license into our existing
packages - the rule is that each package has a single license, and
currently all the packages distributed with GHC have a BSD3 license,
with the exception of readline.  You can start new packages, of course.

> Hope you find my code useful,

Contributions are always welcome, even if we can't use the code
directly.  You've pointed out things that the standard libraries lack.


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