Cabal help please

Adrian Hey ahey at
Thu Jun 16 10:36:06 EDT 2005


I'm just getting around to tidying up the AVL library and releasing
a new version and, of course thinking about Cabalising it too. But
I'm finding difficult to figure out how to do this from the
Cabal docs and Distribution library haddock. 

Anyway, what I want to do is..
 Run cpphs on all the sources
 Compile the results using -split-objs (for ghc at least).
 Put the all the resulting objs in libHSDataTreeAVL.a
 Run haddock on some of the sources (but not all).

.. and I'd like to do this without depending on gnu make.

So could someone tell me if this is possible with Cabal as
it is at the moment? (and if so, how I should do this).

Adrian Hey

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