Default prefix for Cabal on Windows

Brian Smith brianlsmith at
Wed Jun 15 04:36:12 EDT 2005

On 6/15/05, Simon Marlow <simonmar at> wrote:
> On 15 June 2005 05:49, Brian Smith wrote:
> > The documentation states in Section 3.1 that the default value of
> > "prefix" is "/usr/local" on Unix. However, it doesn't specify what the
> > prefix is on Windows. I found that the default value for prefix is:
> > C:\Program
> > Files\<package-name>\<compiler-name>-<compiler-version>. For example,
> > version 1.0 of a package named "Foo" compiled with GHC
> > 6.5 would have a default prefix of:
> > C:\Program Files\Foo\ghc-6.5 

The compiler version is there to avoid conflicts in the case when you
> have multiple versions of GHC installed and the package is installed for
> each one. However, I don't think we currently include the compiler &
> version in the default $(libdir) on Unix, so whatever we do we should do
> it consistently.

Okay, that makes more sense to me. However, I think that executables should 
go in "C:\Program Files\<package-name>-<package-version>\bin," not 
<C:\Program Files\<package-name>\<compiler-name>-<compiler-version>\bin" as 
they do currently.

- Brian
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