Cabal Release Candidate

Isaac Jones ijones at
Thu Jul 14 12:47:11 EDT 2005

"Simon Marlow" <simonmar at> writes:

> I just discovered a problem.  In GHC > 6.4, local modules take
> precedence over package modules.  This causes a problem for the Cabal
> distribution, eg:
> $ ghc-6.4.1 Setup.lhs --make -o setup 
> Chasing modules from: Setup.lhs
> ./Distribution/Simple.hs:61:1: lexical error
> ie. it picks up Distribution.Simple from the local copy rather than the
> installed version.  The solution is simple, if a little inconvenient:
> the Cabal sources have to move into a subdirectory of the distribution.

It's supposed to do this; use "make setup" (which just passes -cpp to
ghc) to create the setup file.  It bootstraps itself, but I could move
the sources into a subdirectory anyway to make it possible to build it
either way.

I don't have makefile targets for hugs or nhc, so that would be good.



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