Ketil Malde ketil+haskell at ii.uib.no
Tue Jan 25 15:41:08 EST 2005

Graham Klyne <GK at ninebynine.org> writes:

> At 08:56 25/01/05 +0100, Ketil Malde wrote:
>> I think we all agree on having Time as an Integer or similar
>> representing time with some particular resolution.  The question seems
>> to be how to deal with CalendarTime, defined as a record with fields
>> for the various components found in a human-type time stamp.

> Just for the record, my silence is not consent on this.
> [..] (days,ticks)

This (almost) falls in under "similar".  Unless you feel this model
subsumes the "calendar" type of time, in which case I'd like to see
the reference as well.

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