Cabal, installing it

Isaac Jones ijones at
Sun Jan 9 23:41:05 EST 2005

"David Owen" <d_w_o at> writes:

> Hello all,
> I have a question about installing the Cabal tool.  After downloading
> and extracting it to a folder I seem to be unable to install it
> correctly.
> I moved into the cabal folder which contains a Makefile, and typed
> 'make'.  A longish compilation/installion took place and so I hoped
> that all was well.  

try "make install"... you should probably run it as root so it can
register itself globally.

btw, if you think that's longish, stay away from compiling GHC ;)

> However when including it as a package when
> compiling with GHC (6.2.2) it simply says:
> ghc-6.2.2: unknown package name: Cabal

Yeah, you compiled it, but didn't install it.

> The command I used to compile was
> ghc -package Cabal Setup.lhs -o setup

Looks good.

> So it seems Cabal hasn't actually installed properly.  I'm quite new
> to Linux (I'm using SuSE 9.0) so I hope that there might be a simple
> answer.
> I would like to install Cabal so that I can use Warrick Gray's new
> versions of the HTTP modules.

FYI, there are some cabal interface changes coming Real Soon Now, so
don't get TOO attached to the way cabal works :)



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