Cabal, installing it

David Owen d_w_o at
Sun Jan 9 21:47:45 EST 2005

Hello all,

I have a question about installing the Cabal tool.  After downloading and 
extracting it to a folder I seem to be unable to install it correctly.

I moved into the cabal folder which contains a Makefile, and typed 'make'.  
A longish compilation/installion took place and so I hoped that all was 
well.  However when including it as a package when compiling with GHC 
(6.2.2) it simply says:
ghc-6.2.2: unknown package name: Cabal

The command I used to compile was
ghc -package Cabal Setup.lhs -o setup

So it seems Cabal hasn't actually installed properly.  I'm quite new to 
Linux (I'm using SuSE 9.0) so I hope that there might be a simple answer.

I would like to install Cabal so that I can use Warrick Gray's new versions 
of the HTTP modules.

Any answers will be gratefully received.


Dave Owen

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