package description files

Isaac Jones ijones at
Wed Jan 5 11:39:19 EST 2005

"Simon Marlow" <simonmar at> writes:

> Why not just say that the package description is contained in a single
> file with a .hspkg or .hsproj suffix in the same directory as Setup.lhs?
> That covers all the cases we need right now, and it's a simple rule to
> describe.

Sounds fine to me!  As long as you mean one or the other of .hspkg or
.hsproj, and we'll get rid of Setup.description.  Maybe the 0.3
release will allow Setup.description but give a warning that it's

Speaking of which, Ross, how close are you to having something for the
Hugs build and install work which you wouldn't mind having in the 0.3
release?  I'm itching to get some of the interface changes out there,
though unless we get a lot of happiness and consensus on them soon,
I'll keep the UserHooks out of it.



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