Time Libraries Rough Draft

Graham Klyne GK at ninebynine.org
Thu Feb 10 10:07:12 EST 2005

At 03:24 09/02/05 -0800, Ashley Yakeley wrote:
>System.Time.Calendar (largely undiscussed so far):
>   * time zones
>   * getting the locale time zone
>   * converting times to Gregorian "calendrical" format
>   * calendrical arithmetic
>     e.g. one month after March 31st
>   * possibly "incomplete dates"
>     e.g. "May 1" for all years
>   * parsing and showing dates and times

Hmmm... I would be inclined to separate basic calendrical calulations from 
timezones (as opposed to timezone offsets).  Prior to RFC3339, work in this 
area was bogged down in the comlexities of timezones... it was by 
separating them that we were able to come to consensus on the basics 
required for timestamping.


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