System.Time.Clock Design Issues

Ashley Yakeley ashley at
Thu Feb 3 21:02:07 EST 2005

In article <4202D3B1.8060709 at>, Seth Kurtzberg <seth at> 

> I'll dig it up.  On Iridium we programmed in the leap seconds for the 
> useful life of the vehicle, which is about five years.  It is guaranteed 
> to be accurate, but in the case that we used it there was an extra leap 
> second just before we  launched, and none after that.  Partly luck, of 
> course.

I found this:

It doesn't have any information about future leap seconds beyond the 
announcement that there wouldn't be one at the end of June 2005. In 
general I don't believe we get more than six months' notice of them.

I daresay you were lucky with your project: they could have announced 
another leap second two or three years after your product was released.

Ashley Yakeley, Seattle WA

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