cabal release

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at
Thu Dec 15 06:36:51 EST 2005

Ketil Malde <ketil.malde at> writes:

> 'runhaskell' could perhaps also be a small script that checks for the
> availability of 'runhugs', 'runghc', etc.  This way, it could be the
> same for all Haskell implementations, and the choice could be
> configurable on a user basis (rather than per system).  It would cost
> a bit of startup time, though.

I have been thinking about extending 'hmake' with this functionality.
'hmake' already has a full infrastructure for configuring multiple
compiler installations, so the 'runhaskell' script can be a very
simple front-end over hmake - in fact the only difference is that it
runs the generated executable in addition to building it.

An experimental version is in hmake's CVS, called runhs.hs, if anyone
wants to play with it.

The main thing currently missing from hmake is support for building
with Hugs (mainly because it is a NOP), but a call to runhugs will
be easy to add.


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