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Ketil Malde ketil.malde at
Thu Dec 15 03:21:32 EST 2005

Isaac Jones <ijones at> writes:

> I propose that each haskell compiler / interpreter come with
> runhaskell.  It should check to see whether runhaskell exists already
> and if so, leave it alone.  If not, provide it.  

Shouldn't replacement be the default?  I think a typical user will
stick with one Haskell implementation, and just upgrade it once in a
while - in which case replacement is probably what is desired.

Anyway, I expect most users to install via OS packages (rpm,deb,..),
and distributions tend to have their own solutions for this kind of
thing (/etc/alternatives springs to mind).

> That should probably be tweakable with the configure script.

'runhaskell' could perhaps also be a small script that checks for the
availability of 'runhugs', 'runghc', etc.  This way, it could be the
same for all Haskell implementations, and the choice could be
configurable on a user basis (rather than per system).  It would cost
a bit of startup time, though.

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