Bugs in Graphics.HGL.Window and its documentation

Kevin Van Horn kevin at ksvanhorn.com
Sat Dec 10 12:19:30 EST 2005

The function openWindowEx seems to ignore its second argument  
(optional initial position of window).  Here is the test program to  
illustrate this, which I ran on Mac OS X (Tiger), using hugs:

--- begin program ---

import Graphics.HGL

main = runGraphics $ do
	 win <- openWindowEx "Test" (Just (200, 300)) (300, 300)
                 Unbuffered Nothing
	 ((x,y), (w,h)) <- getWindowRect win
	 setGraphic win (text (100,100) (show (x,y) ++ " " ++ show (w,h)))
	 getKey win
	 closeWindow win

--- end program ---

Also, the documentation for the type RedrawMode (http:// 
Window.html) seems to have the constructors Buffered and Unbuffered  

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