Network.URI -- typo in new exported function name

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Thu Apr 7 05:53:51 EDT 2005

On 07 April 2005 10:48, Graham Klyne wrote:

> While cleaning up some comments in the new Network.URI module, I
> noticed that there is a typo in the name of one of the new exported
> functions, viz 'parseabsoluteURI', which was meant to be
> 'parseAbsoluteURI'. 
> I am guessing that this is not widely used; is it acceptable to fix
> this in CVS now that the library has been publicly released (keeping
> the current name as a deprecated synonym)?

I guess we could bend the rules for something this small, and it's
better to fix it now rather than wait until there's lots of code
dependent on the old name.  Please go ahead.


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