argument order of functions in Data.Bits

Henning Thielemann lemming at
Thu Apr 7 02:54:09 EDT 2005

The version of Data.Bits which is shipped with GHC-6.2 is marked as 
experimental. So changes in the API are still possible? :-]

My experiments suggest that the functions should have a different order of 
arguments. Many of the functions of this module alter some bits in a 
machine word, thus they can be considered as update functions and their 
type signature should end with a -> a. Then we could easily combine 
several operations this way

   shiftL 2 . clearBit 7 . setBit 4 . setBit 1

instead of
   flip shiftL 2 . flip clearBit 7 . flip setBit 4 . flip setBit 1

   (`shiftL` 2) . (`clearBit` 7) . (`setBit` 4) . (`setBit` 1)

I don't see the benefit of urging the programmer to use infix notation 
instead of prefix notation here, e.g. (w `shift` 2) instead of (shift 2 

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