Isaac Jones ijones at
Wed Apr 6 20:08:53 EDT 2005

Dominic Steinitz <dominic.steinitz at> writes:

> I've been using "Hal Daume III's NewBinary now ghc6ized, cabalized, debianize, 
> darcsized" see the reference below. It now no longer builds as it uses the 
> old version of cabal.
> Should I be using it? 


> Should I update the cabal file and move it somewhere 
> more accessible? 

Update the cabal file and send it to the upstream author, or ask him
to do it and make a new release.

> If so where? Is this what hackage is for?

There's no central database of cabal packges YET, but once there is,
you will probably still want to send fixes like this to the upstream
authors so they can make a release and upload it to Hackage.  I don't
think we plan to take patch management out of the hands of the authors
of the tools!



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