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Graham Klyne gk at
Fri Oct 29 03:07:42 EDT 2004

Oh b.....

How easy is it to password protect the Wiki?  I'm thinking that a password 
known to the Haskell community would act as a sufficient bar to random 

(I guess someone has fixed the wiki for now, because those links look OK to 


At 08:44 29/10/04 +0200, Sven Panne wrote:
>Graham Klyne wrote:
>>Thanks.  I've added some links from the Wiki page:
>This page looks quite interesting, but it has nothing to do with Haskell
>anymore... :-] A quick look at
>shows that the Haskell Wiki had quite a few spam problems recently. That's
>exactly why I think that very open Wikis are doomed to death nowadays, given
>the criminal energy of spammers. So I strongly argue that *the* Haskell
>libraries/tools pages remain plain old HTML pages, edited by someone who I
>can trust.
>    S.

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