Building Haddock on Windows

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Mon Oct 25 06:52:34 EDT 2004

On 22 October 2004 18:03, Sven Panne wrote:

> Well, there is a processed version on
> But that's probably not exactly what you're looking for. It only
> describes 
> in very general terms how to build the fptools suite.
>> I also can't find any online documentation for building Haddock.
>> [...] 
> This is not exactly "documentation", but at least it's online:  :-)
> The .spec file describes exactly what has to be done to build
> Haddock, at 
> least if you've got a Unix-like environment (e.g. cygwin,
> MinGW/MSYS). It 
> boils down to the the usual:
>     autoreconf
>     ./configure --prefix=<WhereverYouWantItToBeInstalledLater>
>     make
>     make html
>     make install
> Alex and Happy are built in exactly the same way, BTW.

I've now put binary zips for Windows of Haddock and Happy up on  These are snapshots of recent CVS sources:

There's already a binary zip of Alex available.


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