ANN: MissingH 0.5.0

John Goerzen jgoerzen at
Sun Oct 24 17:16:20 EDT 2004


I'm pleased to announce the release of MissingH 0.5.0.  MissingH is a
hierarchical library of pure-Haskell code designed to minimize wheel
re-inventing and help people get code developed faster.

Major new features since the last announcement include:

 * Fully-featured FTP client module.  Features include lazy downloading
   and uploading of files in binary or text mode, support for passive
   or port mode, and a low-level interface to provide access to
   non-standard FTP server commands.

 * Modular logging architecture.  It features pluggable log handlers and
   global hierarchical log filtering.  Simple file/terminal log handlers
   are included, as well as a Syslog handler.  It can also be used
   separately by people that don't want the full logging system.

 * mime.types parser and MIME type guessing module.  This will guess the
   MIME type of a filename or URL.

 * Many new utilities all over.

Download from:

Full Haddock docs are available from that page as well.

Here are snippets from the README file for this release:

MissingH.Bits            * Obtain individual bytes from a bitfield

MissingH.Cmd             * Trap errors during calls to external programs

MissingH.FiniteMap       * Flip a finite map

MissingH.Hsemail         * E-mail parsers

MissingH.IO              * Copying data between files or handles
                         * Lazy operations on line input

MissingH.IO.Binary       * Binary I/O with Haskell strings
                         * Lazy operations on binary blocks

MissingH.List            * Association list manipulation
                         * List splitting and delimiter joining
                         * Truncation

MissingH.Logging         * Base logging types

MissingH.Logging.Handler * Base handler types

MissingH.Logging.        * Logging to a stream
 Handler.Simple          * Logging to a file

MissingH.Logging.        * Logging to local or remote syslog
 Handler.Syslog          * No C library implementation required

MissingH.Logging.Logger  * Primary user interface to logging
                         * Documentation for the logging system

MissingH.MIMETypes       * Determine the MIME type of a file
                         * Guess an extension based on MIME type

MissingH.Network         * Establish TCP connections easily
                         * Trap SIGPIPE to prevent odd crashes

MissingH.Network.        * Versatile FTP client module
 FTP.Client              * Full support for uploads and downloads
                         * Passive or standard mode
                         * Lazy uploads and downloads
                         * Also provides low-level interface to issue
                           advanced server commands

MissingH.Network.        * Parse FTP protocol replies

MissingH.Parsec          * Invert the sense of a parser

MissingH.Path            * Split apart filename components

MissingH.Str             * Leading/trailing whitespace removal
                         * Beginning/ending tests
                         * Joining, splitting, and truncation

MissingH.Threads         * Threaded callbacks

Wash.Mail.*              * Generate or parse e-mail messages
                         * Full support for headers and MIME

Wash.Utility.*           * Base64 codec
                         * Various Internet-related parsers

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