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Wed Oct 20 11:50:03 EDT 2004


Sven Panne wrote:
> Henrik Nilsson wrote:
>> [...] (Unless everyone
>> uses "cpphs", then, which ultimately would seem like a good idea.)
> If you mean "everyone happy with a LGPL", then I would agree. But GHC and
> Hugs use a BSD-style license, so cpphs is not an option for them. After
> some googling and testing I found MCPP 
> (,
> which is a highly configurable preprocessor with a small footprint and a
> BSD license. Shipping this as an internal tool with GHC 6.4 and the next
> Hugs release (especially for use with the hugs-package tool) should be
> possible, I see what I can do...

My point was more a plea for a CPP-like preprocessor that understands
Haskell's lexical syntax, which, as far as I know, is what "cpphs" is
about, than an argument for any particular preprocessor.

I had a look at the MCPP documentation, and while configurable, it
still seems totally C-centric. So I'd guess you are talking about
creating a modified version of MCPP tuned to Haskell?

Could an alternative possibly be to resolve the licence issue instead?


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