Simon Marlow simonmar at
Tue Oct 5 10:17:30 EDT 2004

On 05 October 2004 13:09, Graham Klyne wrote:

> I have the CVS access keys set up, but I've never actually got around
> to checking them out, yet.  If you're comfortable with this I'll plan
> to update the CVS copy next week.

Sure, go ahead.

> BTW, You've probably noticed that I've also made extensive changes to
> HaXml which I've been kind-of expecting Malcolm Wallace to pick up
> and comment 
> upon.  Judging by private messages I've received, the goal of the
> changes (better entity support, Unicode support, namespace support)
> are widely desired. 
> Interested for GHC 6.4?

This one's up to Malcolm as the maintainer of HaXml.  If it turns out
that for whatever reason Malcolm doesn't want to incorporate your
changes into the base HaXml, then you can create a forked version -
using Cabal this will be well supported, without the need to change the
module names in your package.  6.4 will have better support for Cabal.


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