Heirarchical name space allocation

Adrian Hey ahey at iee.org
Wed Mar 31 12:22:00 EST 2004

On Wednesday 31 Mar 2004 9:24 am, Simon Marlow wrote:
> There's a kind of "design document" for the hierarchy, which is
> currently in CVS: fptools/libraries/doc/lib-hierarchy.html.  It's also
> here:
>   http://www.haskell.org/~simonmar/lib-hierarchy.html
> As we agree on locations for libraries on this list, I've been putting
> them in the document.  Not all the libraries exist yet - this is just a
> place to put the design of the hierarchy.

Interesting, no FreeType I see :-(

Does the Data.Trees.AVL code exist yet? If not I could donate my
implementation. I put quite a bit of effort into producing what
I believe should be a fairly fast implemenation.

> Multimedia.SDL sounds ok to me.

Maybe if we call what I've produced Multimedia.SDL.Core, though since
it actually includes SDL_image and SDL_ttf also, maybe I should split
these out to produce..
so anybody who felt inclined to write a binding for one of the many
SDL extension libraries could use Multimedia.SDL.<whatever>
(Or maybe my "Core" binding should still be just Multimedia.SDL?)

Adrian Hey

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