DData in hierarchical libraries

Christian Maeder maeder at tzi.de
Mon Mar 15 15:03:02 EST 2004

Simon Marlow wrote:
>>Is it for sure that Data.Set and Data.FiniteMap will be 
>>replaced by the DData 
>>stuff?  Will the DData modules get the Data prefix when they 
>>are included in the hierarchical libraries?
> I would like to see that happen, but I'd like to see more people comment
> on the design (and performance) of the DData libraries first.

I've taken Daan's DData half a year ago and replaced all our uses of 
Data.FiniteMap (I never liked Data.Set based on FiniteMap), because I 
was convinced that DData was (and still is!) superior. I made no 
performance test, but never observed unexpected bad performance (or even 


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