DData in hierarchical libraries

Wolfgang Jeltsch wolfgang at jeltsch.net
Mon Mar 15 13:03:39 EST 2004

Am Montag, 15. März 2004 12:56 schrieb Simon Marlow:
> [...]

> > Is it for sure that Data.Set and Data.FiniteMap will be replaced by the
> > DData stuff?  Will the DData modules get the Data prefix when they are
> > included in the hierarchical libraries?
> I would like to see that happen, but I'd like to see more people comment
> on the design (and performance) of the DData libraries first.

I'm really not a DData expert but it's seems to me that Daan has invested a 
lot in good design and efficiency.  So I would like to see the DData modules 
as the standard modules under Data, too.

> The breakage to code will be fairly minimal:  Data.FiniteMap can be left
> in place but deprecated, many of the operations from Data.Set can also
> be provided by the new Data.Set (but deprecated, of course).  The other
> modules don't conflict.

By the way, is there already a mechanism for marking deprecated code?  Will 
deprecated code be removed some time or will it pollute the libraries until 
the end of time?

> Cheers,
> 	Simon


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