copyFile function in Haddock, VSHaskell & Cabal

Bayley, Alistair Alistair_Bayley at
Thu Jul 29 03:39:51 EDT 2004

It might be worth lifting copyContents too; I've written this and I've seen
it in hws-wp. I called it pipe, and in hws-wp it's called squirt.

Perhaps something like this (untested!), in System.IO:

hPipe :: Handle -> Handle -> Int -> IO ()
hPipe hFrom hTo bufferSize = do
  allocaBytes bufferSize bufferedPipe
    bufferedPipe buffer = do
      count <- hGetBuf hFrom buffer bufferSize
      when (count > 0) $ do
        hPutBuf hTo buffer count
        bufferedPipe buffer

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> From: Krasimir Angelov [mailto:ka2_mail at] 
> Sent: 29 July 2004 08:19
> To: libraries at
> Subject: copyFile function in Haddock, VSHaskell & Cabal
>     I have found a bug in CVS Haddock. It uses the following 
> definition of copyFile function:
> copyFile f = do
> 	s <- readFile (libdir ++ pathSeparator:f)
> 	writeFile (odir ++ pathSeparator:f) s
> (See HaddockHtml.hs)
> This works well for text files but the function fails when it 
> is used to copy binary files under Windows.
> Similar functions are used also in VSHaskell and Cabal. I 
> propose to add copyFile function to System.Directory which 
> will take care of binary files.
> The function signature is simple:
> copyFile :: FilePath -> FilePath -> IO ()
> In the attached file there are two implementations.
> The first is a more portable but slower and the second is GHC 
> specific but is faster.
> Any suggestions
>   Krasimir

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