Haskell Extensions in various compilers (Cabal)

Isaac Jones ijones at syntaxpolice.org
Sun Jul 25 23:13:49 EDT 2004

OK So I've made the changes that I got replies about.

hunk ./Distribution/Misc.hs 82
-               | RankTwoTypes
+               | RankNTypes
hunk ./Distribution/Misc.hs 85
-               | PatternTypeAnnotations
+               | ScopedTypeVariables
hunk ./Distribution/Misc.hs 101
+               | NamedFieldPuns
hunk ./Distribution/Misc.hs 106
-               | HoodDebugging

I removed HoodDebugging since it's just a library and not really an
extension in NHC, and since it's not accessable via source code in

"Simon Marlow" <simonmar at microsoft.com> writes:

> My only comment is that some of the extensions you've formalised are
> probably a bit too experimental or GHC-specific to be included in the
> general Extension type.  I'd leave out InlinePhase for one.

I think we'll leave them in; they don't take up much space, and if
people use them and they go away, then we can possibly detect when
they're build-depending on a particular version of GHC, and output a
warning if they're code starts using this deprecated feature.
Otherwise, people will just use the "options-ghc" field and we won't
be able to notice them.



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