Haskell Extensions in various compilers (Cabal)

Simon Marlow simonmar at microsoft.com
Mon Jul 19 06:15:10 EDT 2004

On 13 July 2004 04:15, Isaac Jones wrote:

> - Do any of Hugs, GHC, and NHC disallow Long.Hierarchical.Module.Names
>   by default?  Can they all turn them off?

GHC includes them by default, and they cannot be turned off.  This is a
bug (but we're unlikely to fix it).

My only comment is that some of the extensions you've formalised are
probably a bit too experimental or GHC-specific to be included in the
general Extension type.  I'd leave out InlinePhase for one.

PatternTypeAnnotations should probably be called ScopedTypeVariables.

I'm not sure what UnsafeOverlappingInstances does compared with
AllowOverlappingInstances and the other instance-related flags.


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