DData, again

Iavor S. Diatchki diatchki at cse.ogi.edu
Fri Jul 2 15:04:50 EDT 2004

i suppose we could put it under Unstable.* but i don't
think that is very nice, as it really did not work out well for the 
monadic library.
i would prefer that the library had an independent distribution,
and can be easily downloaded and experimented with.

JP Bernardy wrote:

>Hello everyone,
>For those who care, I've fixed a bug in "unions" for
>Bag and IntBag. Find the update at the usual URL.
>BTW, is there anything that I can do to prepare
>integration in the standard libraries? It has been
>proposed to emulate Data.Set interface, though I
>wonder if this is right because:
>1. IIRC, there is the semantic difference of left-bias
>right-bias, that can be observed for types where
>Eq/Ord is not strutural;
>2. Backward compatibility will not be achieved anyway,
>because identifiers will clash with those of the
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