Library Infrastructure code & help wanted

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at
Mon Jan 19 12:02:21 EST 2004

Isaac Jones <ijones at> writes:

> 3) Someone to make it work with in nhc & hugs.  The HaXmL page says
>    that it doesn't work w/ Hugs yet (can anyone tell me why?),

Ironically enough, the only reason was an inadequate packaging framework...
There is a new version of HaXml sitting in CVS just waiting for a release,
which does work just fine with the latest version of Hugs.

>                      Also, at least for the version of NHC I have on
>    my system, Parsec is different.  So maybe we have to move away from
>    Parsec, or maybe a different version thereof?

Parsec recently moved out of 'base' into its own package, and
nhc98 hasn't had a release since then.  That should be the only


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