Adding FGL to the hierarchical libraries

Keith Wansbrough Keith.Wansbrough at
Thu Jan 15 20:35:34 EST 2004

Carl Witty writes:

> In case people haven't figured it out by the file names, these are the
> Windows equivalent of Unix character special files.  "nul:" is very
> similar to the Unix "/dev/null"; except that instead of being stuffed
> away in /dev, Windows pretends there's a copy in every directory (so
> instead of using "/dev/null", you could use "nul:", or ".\nul", or
> "..\nul.asdffdsa", or "c:\Nul.hs"; all are equivalent).

Aha, this suggests that it was in MSDOS 1.0 - the "every directory"
semantics would have been given in MSDOS 2.0 for backwards
compatibility, since pre-2.0 there were no directories.

Ouch.  We're talking something like 23 years here, at least... :-(

--KW 8-)

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