DData in hierarchical libraries

JP Bernardy jyp_7 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 26 06:07:54 EST 2004

--- Malcolm Wallace <Malcolm.Wallace at cs.york.ac.uk>
> JP Bernardy <jyp_7 at yahoo.com> writes:
> > Some time ago we discussed the inclusion of DData
> in
> > hierachical libraries.
> >              ....
> > Additionnaly, a root name in the hierarchy must be
> > chosen. A simple "DData" looks good to me. Or
> Data.Aux
> > is better?
> One of the design principles of the hierarchical
> libraries is to
> *never* use catch-all names like "Aux", "Misc",
> "Etc".  They convey
> no meaning, and the point of the hierarchy is to
> name by semantic
> category, based on the functionality of the modules.

Really, that was a joke for regular readers of the
list. Yet, your remarks makes much sense and I
completely agree.

> By a similar argument, the name "DData", while fine
> as a name for the
> package itself, does not convey sufficient
> distinguishing information
> as the root prefix of the modules themselves. 
> Probably the simple
> "Data" prefix is exactly what you want, unless there
> are significant
> overlaps with the module names already in the "base"
> package.

Well, DData is meant to replace Data.Set and
Data.FiniteMap, and add some functionality.

DData has "Set" and "Map", among other things.
There's no real difference that justifies one being
named FiniteMap and the other Map, though.

Perhaps, DData is a fine name while it is "under


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