DData in hierarchical libraries

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Mon Feb 23 15:05:49 EST 2004


Good for you!  Do press ahead with getting a tidied-up interface agreed.
(I doubt many people will have much to say, but don't be discouraged by
that.)   A good plan would be to Haddock-ise the source code, generate
the HTML and send the link to the libraries list.  That way people could
easily browse your proposed interface.

I wonder if any existing libraries could be removed (or, rather,
deprecated) when you add DData?  If so, say so.


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| Dear Haskell Librairies Mailing List,
| Some time ago we discussed the inclusion of DData in
| hierachical libraries.
| I remember Simon Marlow proposing someone "thrashes
| out the details" and present the result for review.
| So, I've played with the code, to come up with a list
| of proposed changes.

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