new release of LIP prototype API

Graham Klyne gk at
Mon Feb 23 08:55:34 EST 2004

At 15:55 22/02/04 -0500, Isaac Jones wrote:
>Yep.  It's unixy.  See above.  If you have any #defines I can add to
>the code for windows, please pass them along.

My preference would be to try and concentrate the system dependencies into 
a single location, (or to minimize their appearance).

To that end, I'm minded to try and do an implementation of a basic 
parameter-grabbing module that can be easily re-implemented for different 
environments.  Maybe easier said than done.  But based on your responses 
this would be complementary to the work you're doing.

>Let me know if I answered your questions well enough.

That was helpful, thanks.

I'll study the info more deeply later.


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