Win32 libraries for Haskell

Alastair Reid alastair at
Tue Feb 3 15:18:10 EST 2004

> >    (I'm assuming
> >    that the Green-Card dependency is soluble by putting the GC output
> >    in the CVS tree).

This would remove the dependency for those who want to use the latest cvs copy 
of the library but don't want to install greencard.  It would also make 
things easier if the library depended on a particular version of greencard 
but that version was only available by cvs.

(To be honest, I don't see the problem with having a Greencard 'dependency'.  
It's easy enough for public releases to include the machine-generated files 
and for those using cvs, they can fetch Greencard from cvs too.)

> That might remove one learning-curve dependency... are there disadvantages
> to doing this?

Many people feel that machine generated output should not be put in cvs 

1) 'make', 'make clean', etc. don't do a rebuild using the
   latest version of greencard.  This mostly affects the maintainer.
2) Changes made to the generated files can be lost if the file is

> I also noted the lack of a test suite:  is there one for hslibs that might
> be migrated?

Sadly not.

My approach to testing has always been to see if the HGL still works.
This does some limited testing of the interactive operations.

There's no tests for things which touch disk, registry, etc.  It'd be easy 
(but tedious) to add this.


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