ANN: MissingH 0.7.2 with GZip

John Goerzen jgoerzen at
Sat Dec 4 18:42:30 EST 2004


I'm pleased to announce the release of MissingH 0.7.2, available from

This release incorporates Ian Lynagh's pure-Haskell Inflate algorithm,
and CRC-32 and GZip file parsers of my own design, to make a
pure-Haskell solution[1] to decompressing .gz files.  At present, it
is rather slow, as there has been little effort to optimize any of the
three components.  Patches to address the speed will be happily
applied.  The Inflate and CRC32 algorithms also provide the necessary
support to be able to handle ZIP files.  I plan to introduce ZIP and
tar file support in upcoming releases of MissingH.

Also, MissingH 0.7.0 was not announced on the library list.  It
introduced the ConfigParser[2] module.  This module can parse the flat
or hierarchical configuration files made popular by Python's
ConfigParser module.  The files are simple for both humans and
programmers <grin>.  If care is taken, it is possible to craft files
that are valid both to ConfigParser and to other systems such as the
Unix shell or Make.  ConfigParser can also completely parse various
other formats "out of the box", including SMTP headers, Cabal
Setup.description files, and, to a limited extent, /etc/passwd files.

All code in MissingH is pure Haskell.  There is no C required.


-- John

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