Special Invitation :-) HC&A Report (November 2003) (fwd)

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Tue Oct 28 20:22:27 EST 2003

G'day all.

Quoting "Iavor S. Diatchki" <diatchki at cse.ogi.edu>:

> by the way i have a few overall library related questions:
>     1.  at what point should we remove the Unstable.* name, i.e. does
> anyone have any criteria besides "it seems to work"?

This is actually a general software engineering question.  I think the
only hard-and-fast rule here is: when you're happy with it.

> most software these days seems to be distributed on this basis, so
> perhaps we should adapt this as well.

Given that we're looking at code that may become part of a future standard,
perhaps we might like to introduce some kind of informal code review process.
What do others think?

Andrew Bromage

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