Special Invitation :-) HC&A Report (November 2003) (fwd)

Iavor S. Diatchki diatchki at cse.ogi.edu
Mon Oct 27 11:44:28 EST 2003

it's funny because that was my though as soon as i saw the message :-).
on more careful reading the monad transformers are mentioned (right 
after QuickCheck).

by the way i have a few overall library related questions:
    1.  at what point should we remove the Unstable.* name, i.e. does 
anyone have any criteria besides "it seems to work"?

most software these days seems to be distributed on this basis, so 
perhaps we should adapt this as well.
i don't have time to prove the corectness of the monad library, but it 
seems to work.  i can't gurantee that
there are no bugs, and i don't think we should freeze its interface as 
soon as the Unstable.* bit is removed
(especially for some of the newer transformers).  i think "releasing" 
the library is a good idea as it will give
more people the opportunity to use it, hence find bugs in the 
implementation or the interface. 

    2.  how does one go about distributing a library that is in the 
fptools repository?

it would seem that at the moment there is a lot of burocratic overhead 
that goes on
when i type "make", i am not sure what it does, or which bits of the fptools
need to be distributed together with the actual source of the library.
of course  i can replace the make file with my own that does only what is
necessary but i figured it is nicer if i use the "standard method"


Ross Paterson wrote:

>On Tue, Oct 28, 2003 at 11:11:54AM +0000, Malcolm Wallace wrote:
>>In other recent news, the common 'base' package of libraries has
>>recently been subdivided to separate off non-core functionality, making
>>the core more stable, whilst enabling independent evolution of the
>>other libraries.  The split-off packages include parsec, QuickCheck,
>>and the monad transformers.  Other packages resident in the haskell.org
>>CVS tree include OpenGL, GLUT, HaXml, Japi (Java API), ObjectIO,
>>Win32, X11, HGL (Haskell Graphics Library), haskell-src, network,
>>readline, and unix.
>Tiny quibble: the monad transformers aren't gone yet; presumably they
>will when Iavor's new version is ready.
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