implementation of file-related modules

Wolfgang Jeltsch wolfgang at
Thu Oct 9 14:52:26 EDT 2003

Am Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2003, 10:24 schrieb Alastair Reid:
> [...]

> Following Java's lead and using configuration files to localize a system
> would potentially allow us to ship portable bytecode files around from one
> platform to another.

Do we really need configuration files for this. Wouldn't the same be possible 
with a *.Native redirection module?

In general, I would be very careful with following Java because, in my 
opinion, Java solutions are often not very nice (consider, e.g., Java's type 
system prior to J2SE 1.5).

> A general mechanism for accessing configuration strings would be useful.

I would strongly favour mechanisms which give us type safety instead of 
mechanisms just using strings.

> [...]


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