Haskell library infrastructure coordinator

Peter Simons simons@cryp.to
28 May 2003 18:24:22 +0200

Simon Marlow writes:

 > I don't quite understand the purpose of the hslibs libraries: are you
 > providing a replacement set of libraries, or a complementary set?

I'd like to have complementary libraries in there. For instance: I
have written a set of QuickCheck combinators, which can be used to
generate random expressions to test parsers. If this were to be added
to "hslibs", it would probably go to "Debug.QuickCheck.Parser".

Of course, we could add a prefix like "HSLibs" to _all_ libraries
included in the repository, to make sure they don't collide with the
standard ones, but IMHO this is overkill.

My idea was that a library was to be discussed ("reviewed") on this
list before it was included in the stable repository, so that
duplication of code can be avoided.


P. S.: Just to clarify this, the choice of the name "hslibs" is
really arbitrary. This is not meant to be related to the hslibs the
GHC project maintains, so we should probably choose a different name
to avoid confusion.