Haskell library infrastructure coordinator

Alastair Reid alastair@reid-consulting-uk.ltd.uk
Thu, 5 Jun 2003 10:53:24 +0100

On Wednesday 04 June 2003 4:57 pm, Isaac Jones wrote:
> I also heard that nhc is using a forked version of Greencard for
> instance (this may be neither here nor there) which is the root of my
> comment:

We believe that NHC works with the version of greencard in the repository at 
the moment.  (We haven't actually tried this because, until recently, nhc 
didn't implement the ffi faithfully enough to be worth trying.  I believe 
this has now changed.)

But... The NHC folks forked GreenCard and made a bunch of extensions to their 
copy in pursuit of their work on reducing size and overhead and used these 
extensions heavily in their libraries.  So, if you want to build their 
libraries, you need their greencard but if you want to build a library for 
hugs and ghc, you need the official version of greencard.

It would be good to review the extensions NHC's version provides and see which 
should be added to the official version and which can be dropped with little 
cost.  This is probably best done by some third party that wants to use an 
NHC library with GHC/Hugs.