Haskell library infrastructure coordinator

Isaac Jones ijones@syntaxpolice.org
Wed, 04 Jun 2003 11:57:11 -0400

"Simon Marlow" <simonmar@microsoft.com> writes:

> Are you aware that the three main compilers (GHC, nhc98 and Hugs) are
> all working from the same set of library sources these days?

Ahh, thats great.  For some reason I've been thinking that
fptools/libraries was only used by ghc.

So all of the implementations pick up changes made to the cvs
repository in fptools/libraries, or is it more ad-hock than that?

> Let's not forget: the problem which originally prompted this discussion
> is that this set of libraries is about as large as we can reasonably
> distribute with the compilers.  The idea was to develop a
> build/distribution system to make it easier for third-party library
> developers to distribute their work, without relying on the compiler
> developers to do it.

Indeed.  I was also imagining that at least some of the libraries
currently distributed with the compilers probably should be delivered
seperately once we get the system set up.

I also heard that nhc is using a forked version of Greencard for
instance (this may be neither here nor there) which is the root of my

>>   - collect the libraries that are already included with various
>>   compilers and see what the differences are both in what libraries
>>   are included and behaviors of the libraries

So in general what I'm getting at is that a starting point for a new
collection of libraries for distribution could be the libraries that
are already distributed with the compilers, but maybe this should be
the last thing we worry about.  I'll let Peter Simons hash that out w/
the list.