monad library

Malcolm Wallace
Thu, 31 Jul 2003 18:14:08 +0100

> >> Ideally I'd like to see it distributed as a completely separate package

Iavor Diatchki <> writes:

> "it" is supposed to be a modification of the monad (transformer) library 
> i.e. the files under Control.Monad.*  (note that this does not include 
> the module Control.Monad itself).  i didn't think they are that widely 
> used, would this really be a big problem?  i am not too woried about the 
> size on disk, althought things do add up.  i think the big benefit of 
> separating the monad library (and the others too) is that it can be 
> updated (bugfixes, documentation, new versions etc) independently of the 
> rest of the base package.

This sounds good to me.  Being able to make library bugfixes happen on a
faster scale than the compiler release schedule is a fine aim.

If your API changes from the current Control.Monad.* are very small,
as you suggest, then I'm happy for you to go ahead soon.  As you say,
most users only care about Control.Monad itself, with fewer people
using the more esoteric transformer stuff, so breakage should not be
a major problem.