monad library

Iavor Diatchki
Wed, 30 Jul 2003 17:30:15 +0000


Simon Marlow wrote:
> When you take a top-level name for a library, the programmer is
> prevented from using that top-level name for modules in a program.  I'd
> prefer to keep the top-level Monad name for monads in the current
> program, rather than a generic Monad library.
this is a relevent point. i am not sure if it is a good idea to put all 
your monads in a monad directory, but i guess some programmers might 
want to do it.  by the way i don't think this would be a problem if 
relative names were added to the module system, as a porgrammer could 
use an absolute name for the system library, and a relative name for the 
project monads.  but we have already discussed that.

 > ...
 > So my vote goes to keeping the current Control.Monad name for the
 > library.
it seems that most people don't want the library in Monad.* so i guess 
we should keep it in Control.Monad.*.   then the next question is when 
to replace the current library with the modified one.  i am not sure of 
the user base of the monad library, but i would rather do it sooner than 
later.  i guess i should point out that the "new" library is not much 
different from the old one, and with exception of resumptions and the 
instances for the Monad* classes for continuations added after another 
transformer things should work fine (those two were not in the previous 
library anyways).  if we keep the library under Unstable*, i doubt that 
anyone would use it, and this will slow down tracking of bugs etc.

there is also the problem of it being available only from CVS.  i could 
make a package available from my web-page (or some other page), but then 
it would clash with the library in base.  do you think it would be a 
good idea to split it from the base package?   base seems huge as it is 


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