monad library

Simon Marlow
Wed, 30 Jul 2003 10:21:05 +0100

Iavor Diatchki writes:
> i am not sure what should we put unedr Monad.* if not the=20
> monad library.

When you take a top-level name for a library, the programmer is
prevented from using that top-level name for modules in a program.  I'd
prefer to keep the top-level Monad name for monads in the current
program, rather than a generic Monad library.

Also, I'm in favour of using the hierarchy for classification (within
reason).  It's not an exact science - there always seems to be several
reasonable ways to organise things, but on the whole I believe libraries
are easier to find when they're classified by functionality in a

So my vote goes to keeping the current Control.Monad name for the