Debian library packaging? or, how to get a single deb to work for hugs/ghc/nhc?

Shae Matijs Erisson
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 15:55:48 +0100

In short, I'd like to see some libraries packaged for Debian.
I'm especially interested in seeing the various Gui libs arrive.
My question though, is how to package a lib in such a way that it works for
all three of the packaged Haskell compilers?

Emacs and Python both compile source into bytecode.
GHC needs access to both .hi and .o files
Hugs needs access to source only, I think.

Some libraries are picky about requiring -fglasgow-exts, are there any
libraries which are picky about requiring the lack of -fglasgow-exts?

What other factors are there? What solutions are there?


PS. after a long discussion on the #haskell irc channel about where to create a
new mailing list, we decided to take Simon Marlow's advice and use an existing,
but quiet mailing list. If this bothers someone, I'd be happy to move this
discussion elsewhere.
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