docon 2.06 triggers compiler bug

Peter Simons simons at
Wed Dec 17 17:49:35 EST 2003

Simon Peyton-Jones writes:

 > I assume that by "standard" library you mean "distributed
 > with GHC and Hugs".

Actually, I meant "part of Prelude.hs". :-)

Shipping docon with the compilers would, no doubt, be quite
useful. But the much greater usefulness would come from
merging the design of the docon core library back into the
Haskell standard. In his documentation, Serge gives several
compelling reasons, why the class hierarchy he uses is more
accurate than the one provided by Haskell '98. (Especially
concerning deficits of the "Num" class.) Factoring these
changes back into the standard would IMHO be a good idea --
albeit, a lot of work.


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