docon 2.06 triggers compiler bug

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Wed Dec 17 08:55:10 EST 2003

I assume that by "standard" library you mean "distributed with GHC and
Hugs".  The trouble with this approach is that it ties the package to
the GHC/Hugs release schedules, bloats the release size, and it
seriously increases our test burden before a release.

Our general plan is instead to try to make it much, much easier for
people to distribute packages for GHC, Hugs etc, which download and
install trivially easily.  It's possible today, but requires a lot of

That is exactly what the library infrastructure project is doing --
Isaac Jones is leading it, but I'm sure he could do with help.  Isaac,
how's it going?


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| Donald Bruce Stewart writes:
|  > Conclusion: this program should go in the test suite!
| Personally, I'd like to take it one step further: docon
| should go into the standard library. :-)
| Not only to test ghc, but because it's really good software.
| IMHO, Haskell would benefit greatly from the algebraic class
| model docon provides. Not to mention the sophisticated tools
| for solving all kind of algebraic problems. Using docon, I
| find my programs become almost indistinguishable from formal
| correctness proofs of the algorithm. It would be nice if
| this "look and feel" could be extended into general
| programs, which are not math related, and docon adds a lot
| of expressivity to the language to do just that.
| Peter
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