FW: First Attempt at Crypto Library

Martin Sjögren md9ms@mdstud.chalmers.se
22 Apr 2003 17:20:14 +0200

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tis 2003-04-22 klockan 12.22 skrev Simon Marlow:
> Question 1: there's a comment next to 'FileFormat' which mentions that
> 'Codec' might be a more accurate name.  It seems to me that 'Codec'
> would indeed be a better choice: many of the libraries under FileFormat
> are more like pure stream-transformers than file formats, and Codec
> encompasses both.  What do people think about changing this?  (there
> aren't any other implementations of libraries under FileFormat that I'm
> aware of).
> If FileFormat became Codec, then the existing FileFormat.Encoding looks
> a bit odd.  But moving FileFormat.Encoding.Base64 up to Codec.Base64
> (similarly for FileFormat.Encoding.Yenc) would seem to make sense.
> Question 2: what should the insides of the FileFormat.Encryption (or
> Codec.Encryption) hierarchy look like?

Having worked a bit with Unicode, I associate "codec" with Unicode
encodings. Are there any plans on modules for working with Unicode
codecs? I guess Char:s are meant to be Unicode characters, but I want
functions for converting between String:s and UTF-8, UTF-16, Latin1
(lossy, there are translation tables iirc) et.c. depending on what the
user's locale says. I guess e.g. gettext takes care of output, but input
is more interesting.

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