FiniteMap: modifyFM

Simon Marlow
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 10:37:25 +0100

> I have no problem with MyPrelude (I've actually resorted to=20
> this in a few
> instances), but, for as small as the haskell community is, there's the
> standard prelude, the hugs prelude (which is slightly=20
> different, last time
> I checked -- i bevelive it has foldl' and fromInt), my=20
> prelude, Ashley's
> prelude, and I'm sure (well, pretty sure) that other people out there
> either have their own prelude or have had the desire but not=20
> the gall to
> make their own.  I would simply like a standard one that's=20
> more flexible.

Not a problem; if you guys come up with a proposal and implement it,
we'll add the appropriate flag to GHC. =20

I think the right way to do it would be to put the code for the
"advanced prelude" in a separate package.  The package could be used to
provide a replacement prelude (say with -fadvanced-prelude), or it could
be used on its own (say with -package advancedprelude), to just use it
as a library without changing the existing prelude.